New clothing endorsement by Irvine-based Bionic clothing! Marketing execs at Bionic clothing just affirmed Fully as a safe marketing bet. The aggressive boarding and extreme-sports clothiers outfitted Fully with stickers, rags & caps for their live shows. Check out their new spiffys at, You can also order online at ., or wherever finer boarding gear & skate rags are sold. Don't go extreme - go BIONIC.

'City Van' TV show episode with Fully performance getting repetitive airing on Dish Network. City Van producers advise that the final production and editing went extremely well and is in repetitive rotation on JCtv network airing on The Dish Network in both the U.S. and abroad.

CD RELEASE PARTY FOR 'Audience of One' 08/29! We've been putting the final spit-shines on the new EP, and it's on the presses right now. It will be available immediately through the internet stores,,, local christian bookstores and Musician's Institute retail store in Hollywood. ***SPECIAL NOTE - if you purchased a pre-release version of Audience of One, we're giving you a free upgrade to the digitally mastered finished product with artwork, just to say thank for being a fully fanatic.

FULLY GIVEN LONGEST STAGE TIME IN HISTORY OF TOMFEST/PORTICO SHOWS... Booking agents have confirmed that we have been given a record-setting HOUR and a HALF set! Considering that some of the best bands we know of have played this event (Pax217, East/West, Supertones, Pillar, etc.), we consider this an honor and a privilege. We've also been asked to make add'l appearances throughout the weekend at the event. Combined with the CD release party, this will be quite a party.

PRESS RELEASES ARE OUT ON THE WIRE for the release of Audience of One, PorticoFest, and the City Van appearance starting up in 5 countries. Keep an eye out in the regionals and the associated press for Fully.

CITY VAN TAPING FOR JCtv TO RELEASE IN FIVE COUNTRIES WITHIN THE NEXT MONTH... Word just came in from the producer's office that our show and segment have been edited and are being released to network schedulers. In our segment, they will cover the L.A. Music Awards, and a Snoop Dogg event. Yours truly, Fully, is the musical guest and interview for the show. Keep an eye out on your local networks for Fully on JCtv by means of the City Van TV show.

NEW YEAR HAS NEW EVENTS BOOKING FAST. We promised to bring new things to the dedicated Fully fans this year. We'll be on the road all over the So Cal area. Keep an eye out for the Fully stickers on cars whose tires are bulging from a full, heavy load of band gear... :)

FULLY TO PERFORM AT CAMP PENDLETON MILITARY BASE - We're on the road again. this time to San Diego to perform at Camp Pendleton for servicemen and families of those stationed abroad. We look forward to a great show there to show our support of the men & women of the armed forces that are upholding the honor of our freedom.

FULLY HEADLINES OHANA FUNDRAISER FESTIVAL IN FULLERTON, CA. We were all too happy to donate to the cause of this event. Proceeds went to the general fund of St. Mary's elementary school in Fullerton. St. Mary's recently merged with the St. Philip Benize elementary school after the Benize church sanctuary was burned down by an arson fire. Since fundraising to rebuild the church, it's school has undergone great financial strain, forcing it to merge with the St. Mary's school. The result of the merge has had financial impact on both schools. This fundraiser was a key event, and we were more than happy to do our part to help out..

FULLY TO KICK IT HARD AT PORTICO FESTIVAL IN WASHINGTON... We're on the road to Washington state with over 100 other bands to perform at the Portico Festival. We're REALLY excited about this event. Travel, camping, s'mores, and more music than we can stand. WooHOO!

FULLY HAD A BLAST AT THE SADDLEBACK INT'L MUSIC FEST. There were 3,000 music leaders from around the world at this event. We had a great time performing for everyone. And we were even surprised to have moved half of our first run of pre-release CDs.

LET'S MIX IT UP!... We've been working very hard in the studio mixing the upcoming CD release 'Audience of One'. After too many all-nighters to count, We can't wait to unleash it on the masses, and provide the first glimpse of recorded Fully.

RECORDING SESSIONS IN HOLLYWOOD WERE JUST THE TICKET... We got arrangements for 5 songs done in the awesome studios at Musician's Instititue in Hollywood. We're hoping this will make for some great recordings andwe're already seeing it open some great new doors for us. We can't believe everything that God is doing in our ministry. Much less what He's been able to do without us even having a CD done. Now He's even given us a CD, and we're watching in wonder to see what He has planned.

TV SHOW CITY VAN TAPES FULLY'S RECORDING SESSIONS IN HOLLYWOOD FOR 'AUDIENCE OF ONE'. We were a bit nervous performing our recording takes on camera, But after the initial shock, we were able to get locked in and down to business. We're told that the show will make an exciting segment, and that the producers are optimistic that it will be their best music segment yet.






Catch us live on 07/04/08 at Saddleback Church's Celebrate Recovery in Lake Forest, CA. It'll be a great July 4th event. We'll be kicking things off from 6-7pm.

07/01/08 - Many updates in process. Tons of missing shows, pics and lots more content is being added back on to the site.

01/25/04 - Photos and galleries are here!! Yes, it's FINALLY a reality! Check out the new pics going up as fast as we can post them in the BACKSTAGE section!

New Added Sections:



11/13/03 - First Fully performance photos being prepped for online photo album. MUCH more to come.

09/15/03 - HOLY SCHMOKES, WHERE DO WE START? Well first off, my apologies for lagging in the Website development arena. We've been working on the CD, and Musician's Institute has done well in keeping me BURIED in classes lately! - Joey

New Website homepage skin

New CD

New TV show about to air

New behind the scenes pics being put in order, including some great pics of some music & Hollywood celebs we've met along the way

New Fully Tag'd entries being prepped to post.

Stay tuned...







Fully is about a dream. A dream of doing the impossible. Of winning versus losing. Of standing back up that one extra time and dusting yourself off and saying, "Bring it on!" Of finishing broken, or finishing strong - with the accelerator stomped to the floor. Of knowing that God has a plan for your life. And about finding out what that plan is, and stepping out in faith and getting moving on His track, in His time, and in the right direction. If we can help you determine what that plan for you is, please contact us. But whatever you do, just don't let time slowly tick by. Hold time accountable. Live the dream. Live 'Fully'… and make every breath count.

Welcome to the home of Fully, an alternative modern rock band from Southern California.